Mp3 : Mellow & Sleazy & LeeMckrazy – Chomami!

Mellow & Sleazy & LeeMckrazy – Chomami!
New Song : Mellow & Sleazy & LeeMckrazy Chomami!  Download Mp3

In a thrilling collaboration that has the music world buzzing with excitement, the talented Amapiano artists Mellow & Sleazy have joined forces with the rising star LeeMckrazy to deliver a pulsating new track titled “Chomami!” This track has been making waves on YouTube and beyond, giving fans of the Amapiano genre a fresh dose of musical magic.

About The Singers

Amapiano, the South African-born electronic music genre, has been making waves globally for the past few years, and Mellow & Sleazy have been at the forefront of this movement. The dynamic duo, consisting of Mellow Don Picasso and Sleazy, have consistently impressed audiences with their infectious beats and unique soundscapes, earning them a dedicated fanbase worldwide.

LeeMckrazy, on the other hand, is a rising star in the Amapiano scene. Known for his versatility and distinct production style, LeeMckrazy has quickly become a sought-after artist, and his collaboration with Mellow & Sleazy on ‘Chomami’ has elevated his status to new heights.


Since its release, “Chomami!” has taken the Amapiano world by storm. It has garnered millions of streams on various platforms and received acclaim for its engaging music video, featuring captivating cinematography and choreography. DJs have embraced it as a must-play track in clubs and at parties, and fans have flocked to social media to share their dance moves and excitement.


As “Chomami!” continues to gain popularity and captivate audiences worldwide, it underscores the rich musical talent emanating from South Africa and the enduring global appeal of the Amapiano genre. Fans are eagerly awaiting more collaborations from these gifted artists, and one thing is clear: the Amapiano flame is burning brighter than ever.

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