Mp3 : Dr Nel – Nisongonyama ft. Makhadzi, DJ Desrock & Zoli Smoke

Dr Nel – Nisongonyama
New Song : Dr Nel Nisongonyama Download Mp3

Imagine taking a journey through music. Makhadzi brings her lively energy, DJ Desrock adds catchy beats, and Zoli Smoke contributes great lyrics. Dr. Nel brings everything together to make it all work.

Dr Nel

In a cool new music release, Dr. Nel joined forces with Makhadzi, DJ Desrock, and Zoli Smoke for a song called “Nisongonyama.” People are really liking it because it mixes different sounds and styles in an awesome way.


“Nisongonyama” demonstrates what happens when talented people work together. Dr. Nel, Makhadzi, DJ Desrock, and Zoli Smoke made a hit that celebrates diversity and creativity in music.


But it’s not just about the music itself….it’s also about celebrating different cultures and teamwork. Each artist brings their own background and style to create something really special.

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