Mp3 : Shaun Stylist – JJ PHAKATHI Ft. T&T MuziQ, Pushkin RSA, Springle & Jay Jay

Shaun Stylist – JJ PHAKATHI
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Let’s explore the advantages of becoming a music artist in South Africa. Some of the benefits of being an S.A. singer include:

  1. Showcasing Talent Worldwide: Being a South African music artist provides a platform to exhibit your talents and creativity on a global stage. The diverse and vibrant music scene in South Africa allows for unique and distinctive sounds to be heard worldwide.
  2. Financial Freedom: A successful music career can lead to financial stability and independence. With the right opportunities and audience reception, music artists can earn a living doing what they love.
  3. Exploring the World: The music industry often opens doors for artists to travel and perform in various locations around the world. This allows for cultural exchange and the chance to connect with diverse audiences.
  4. Gaining Popularity: As an S.A. singer, the potential for popularity and fame increases. Positive recognition from fans and industry peers can elevate an artist’s career and open doors to exciting opportunities.
  5. Meeting Famous Musicians: The music industry offers networking opportunities with renowned musicians and industry professionals. Collaborations and interactions with established artists can provide valuable insights and propel one’s career to new heights.

Shaun Stylist

Shaun Stylist, the renowned fashion icon, has effortlessly captivated numerous celebrities with his distinct and extraordinary style, garnering attention and patronage from acclaimed soccer players such as Teko Modise, George Lebese, and Bernard Parker. Hailing from Ekurhuleni, the Eastern part of Johannesburg, his influence on the fashion scene is truly remarkable.

In the realm of personal life, Shaun Stylist is happily married to Anele Ngema, a talented singer. The couple has been blessed with a child, whose identity remains confidential and anonymous, a choice they’ve made to keep their family life private.

Shaun Stylist’s impact on the fashion world and his connections with prominent figures in sports and entertainment have solidified his status as a style maven, leaving an indelible mark on the fashion landscape. With his unique approach and flair, he continues to be a prominent figure in the fashion industry, attracting admiration and acclaim from both celebrities and fashion enthusiasts alike.


Shaun Stylist played a significant role in introducing JJ PHAKATHI to the music industry, extending a helping hand by enlisting the assistance of T&T MuziQ, Pushkin RSA, Springle, and Jay Jay. Together, this talented team collaborated to pave the way for JJ PHAKATHI’s musical journey, creating a platform for their artistic expression and showcasing their talents to the world. Shaun Stylist’s support and the collective effort of these accomplished artists undoubtedly contributed to JJ PHAKATHI’s entry into the music scene, setting the stage for a promising and exciting career in the industry.


Being a South African music artist can be a fulfilling journey, with the chance to showcase unique talents, achieve financial success, travel, gain popularity, and connect with music icons. It’s an exciting path for those passionate about making their mark in the world of music.

Download Mp3 : Shaun Stylist – JJ PHAKATHI Ft. T&T MuziQ, Pushkin RSA, Springle & Jay Jay 

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