Mp3 : Trance Martin & Busta 929 – AmataliYano Ft. Proz

Trance Martin & Busta 929 – AmataliYano
New Song : Trance Martin & Busta 929 AmataliYano Download Mp3

“AmataliYano” has a moderate tempo of 112 BPM in the key of A minor. It combines rich, rhythmic layers and melodic synth lines, typical of the Amapiano genre, with a distinct flair from each artist involved. The production quality by 929 Recordings makes it suitable for both radio play and club settings.

Trance Martin & Busta 929

The collaboration between Trance Martin, Busta 929, and Proz is significant in the Amapiano scene. Trance Martin’s versatile production skills, Busta 929’s genre expertise, and Proz’s vocals create a dynamic track.


Since its release, “AmataliYano” has garnered positive feedback, climbing music charts and appearing in Amapiano playlists. It’s poised to be a summer hit, setting the stage for future collaborations among these talented artists.


You can listen to it on platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, and Beatsource.


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