Another Alleged No-Show For A Paid Event By Makhadzi

Zimoja claims that a promoter blasted Makhadzi for missing an event he booked her for.

After missing several shows, some after payment, the Limpopo-born celebrity has been dragged by many promoters.

Greg Hlatswayo of Exclusive White Lifestyle in Kempton Park is the latest. He informed the publication that Makhadzi charged R80 000 and he paid her R40 000 as a deposit. He claims he paid the rest in April before the April 30 event.

Zimoja claims Makhadzi had three other gigs that day and told Greg she would be late.

“Instead of rocking up on time, she sent a text asking for extra time. They gave her the extra time, but an hour later she sent another text saying she was two hours away.”

Makhadzi and a handful of other artists have been exposed for missing out on gigs that they were paid for. This has been a usual occurrence however, it reached new heights just recently with artists missing out on more than one gig.

Legendary music producer DJ Ganyani has shared a WhatsApp status from an individual who called out artists for not honoring their gigs. The said user commented, “The entertainment industry has become a gold mine for artists. They do not respect our hustle as establishments. It’s always excused for not pitching up. It never used to happen back in the day,” the status reads before proceeding to mention a few of the top stars including Ganyani himself.

“These new cats forever letting us down by not pitching and people that look up to them always have to explain and it makes us look like we are scamming customers.”

Ganyani also shared a message to artists advising them to honor their bookings, “It’s heartbreaking 2 read such concerns from establishments. 2day most of us hv long-standing careers because of the mutually beneficial relationships we hv with establishments & fans. Respect your bread and butter, your career is dependent on your respect for all stakeholders.”

We previously reported on a string of Makhadzi’s missed performances for gigs she was paid for. Her most recent was a gig she was booked for by Rabelani Madula who told Daily Sun that Makhadzi arrived almost 2 hours late and had failed to refund him. He said after weeks of trying to get a hold of Makhadzi, he finally did but after going through the extreme lengths of exposing her on Facebook.

He said Makhadzi agreed to repay him but in installments of R2000 because she does not have his R20 000.

“She stopped taking my calls, She also stopped responding to my messages. On 26 December I met her at Makhadzi Family Day at Giyani Stadium. When I saw her, she promised to pay me after the show.

“The purpose of arranging this gig was to get my money back from her. I knew that she’d be paid R100 000. That gig was happening on 29 December, and I was actually hoping she’d pay me. So, after that gig, I started communicating with her, But she ignored me,” he revealed. “She said she did not have money but promised to perform instead. She said I must organize another event, which is supposed to be on Sunday, 29 January. But again, she’s ignoring me,” he alleged.

Before that, a Limpopo-based businessman, Seth Molapo told Daily Sun that he paid Makhadzi R95 000 but she only refunded him R40 000 after being promised the rest of the money a few days later.

“I booked her for the event on 4 October and made the payment on 28 September. She didn’t show up, saying she was sick after her one-woman show on 1 October,” he told the publication.

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