Bontle Modiselle Asks Priddy Ugly What Great Sex Means To Him

After being questioned by his wife, Bontle Modiselle, Priddy Ugly admits what amazing sex means to him.

Bontle questioned her husband what great sex means to him during a Q&A on the reality show Sunday Sexy Love. “What does great sex mean for you?”

In response; Priddy said, “Great sex it’s always been about your (Bontle) satisfaction,” he said. “I’m about satisfying you, a man needs to cater to his lady’s needs. We have a really like great sex life you know. You got a lot, that’s why I’m still here 14 years later,” added Priddy Ugly.

He further asked what she misses most about him.

“What is the biggest thing you miss about me when I’m away?” In response, Bontle said; “I miss the silly stuff, I miss how you make fun of me, and I miss the pet name that you gave me for that day, that silly stuff I miss all of it,” she said.


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