Emtee Trolled On Twitter For Gushing Over Dr Nandi

Emtee raised brows after talking about celebrity doctor Nandipha Magudumana, who is currently in court facing accusations.

The doctor was arrested for assisting Facebook rapist Thabe Bester in his 2022 escape from jail.

The two were apprehended in Tanzania and are currently appearing in court for their crimes.

Nandipha was ordered to reveal her face while standing in court in the early hours of Monday, which she did, and several spectators snapped a screenshot and published it on social media.

Emtee noticed one of the screenshots and praised about Nandi’s appearance, stating she’s still gorgeous.

“Dam she still fire tho,” he wrote.

The tweet garnered lots of reactions as some people laughed off his comment, while others urged him not to make an attempt on hitting on her.

Meanwhile, some tweeps trolled the rapper for his comment.

“At this rate I’m convinced that some men would eat anything, as long as it’s breathing and has a v jay jay,” a tweep wrote.

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