Mome Mahlangu On Their Healing Process: “We Removed DStv Completely”

Mome Mahlangu has taken to social media to discuss her and her husband, Toll Ass Mo’s, recovery from the great storm. Toll was found not guilty of rape charges.

Mome said on Instagram that she needed to restructure her household and make sure her husband turned off the outside noise in order to gain mental strength.

She stated that they had to unplug their DStv for about three and a half years.

“This is a story for another book as we proceed with our healing….I had to restructure my household, and make sure Mo cuts out the noise from outside to gather mental strength, we removed DStv completely it’s been 3 and a half’s years now , The family had to consume less Tv for his mental health , Cut out social life cause even the people we trusted were undercover believers talking to my sources saying I’m going to be disappointed… Im a reader of energy and body language and I don’t waste my time trying to make decisions. Mo was in High Care for weeks Then 8 months He was gone on his spiritual journey,”

Mome stated that she had to tell her husband to focus on his healing so that things can fall in place.

“I said to Him focus on your Healing, I will make sure you return to PEACE and You find your HAPPINESS Again be Still. I stayed Home with 3 kids having to tell them dad is coming back from America, I cancelled my social life completely some friends understood and Others didn’t, i Only had meetings with my accountant and my Broker finalising the farm purchase for Mo to come back to peace after Intwaso, the process was a year longer , in between planning his home coming , we could only move after 4 months of his return home , having to stay in sandton area at that point was going to destroy his mental wellness , the move was the best healing point , now we live le Maburu and no one has ever insulted Mo or our children till today, we are part of a peaceful farm estate to protect our kids mental health is to raise them in loving kind and peaceful environment…It’s situations like this that will make you find your inner strength and move foward fearless”

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