Should Podcast & Chill Be Cancelled Because of Toll Ass Mo?

The celebrity edition of Podcast and Chill with MacG and Sol is always a hit, and the latest episode is no exception. Mongezi “Toll A$$ Mo” Mahlangu, a controversial and divisive comedian and media personality, was on the hot seat this time.

Following what he thought was his redemption in August 2022, following a two-year legal battle against the charges brought against him by model Lerato Moloi. The former reality star appeared to have returned with a chip on his shoulder and a lot to say.

Primarily, it seemed that his vex was directed at Moloi for obvious reasons, as he has affirmed that he is taking legal action for the three years that his career all but was on a stand still. But Toll A$$ Mo seems to also be incensed by women, feminists and everybody else who seems to believe Moloi’s version of their history instead of his.

As such, it came as no surprise that following his interview on Podcast and Chill that there are some people that have called for the cancellation of the fastest growing South African YouTube channel of this year.

Should Podcast and Chill be cancelled over Tall ASS Mo?

It’s technically three days later but the interview between Sol Phenduka, MacG and Toll A$$ Mo is still having tongues wag. However, this is due to the contention of whether or not having Toll A$$ Mo on the channel was a wise move for the podcast or not.

One person who believes that this was not a good move was poet and Twitter personality Ntsiki Mazwai. Mamiya, who has also publicly and loudly supported Moloi over her claims, has used her social media presence once again to advocate for Moloi. This is despite Toll A$$ Mo already having threatened legal action against her for her support of Moloi in light of the case being thrown out.

Another activist body against Tall A$$ Mo that has directly come for Podcast and Chill going out to call it out is Women For Change.The activist body specifically aimed at advocating for women’s rights and the fight against domestic, sexual and abuse of any kind against women and children called for Mo for his alleged aggressive demeanour during his interview.

But in terms of the podcast, it labelled it as enabling an alleged abuser.

Moreover, it called for the podcast’s sponsors to pull their support from the podcast. Unfortunately, this is a tactic that will not work this time? This is as Podcast and Chill is not funded primarily by sponsors following its past hot trends and initial sponsors like NedBank’s AMPD Studios pulling its support.

As a result, the chances of Podcast and Chill being cancelled or tanking as a result of Moloi supporters’ stance are very slim. One of the most contentious issues is whether Toll A$$ Mo has been vindicated and should be treated as such. Especially as he continues to receive media attention for his “return.”

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