Vee Mampeezy Recently Opened Up About His Divorce

Vee Mampeezy recently opened up about his divorce on social media.

The celebrity stated that the agony of divorce was all too real for him.

On his Instagram timeline, he discussed his high-profile marriage to Kagiso Sento and how his divorce affected him.

“The pain is real. I’m also thinking about our followers and fans. Do they feel we disappointed them? Those who made us role models for their relationships, what are they saying to their partners now? I want to know how they are feeling about this decision their parents made, do they feel it’s a selfish decision, do they feel it’s good for our happiness? I’m Also thinking about our followers and fans do they feel we disappointed them,those who made us role models for their relationships what are they saying to their partners now, Parents who have kids who love us what are they saying to them when they see us trending with such issues?Our partners in business/sponsors what are they saying about this?”

“I’m a Christian im asking myself what is the church saying about this situation. What is the honest opinion of our friends and family about our situation?I’m ready to be called a divorcee? These is some of the questions that pops up in my mind that brings a lot of fear to face the world. But I have to Man up I have a show coming, and people have bought tickets, maybe let me use the Last standing event to distract myself from all this, let me give back more,buy people more combos,let me double up rehearsal and Give a beautiful performance that will restore my confidence on the 10TH December, something that will show im part of a winning community ,something that will make my kids ,fans, partners/sponsors, family/friends and the church proud of me ….’

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