Mp3 : DJ Ace – 10111 Emergency Call ft LeeKay & Xolisoulmf

DJ Ace – 10111 Emergency Call
New Song : DJ Ace 10111 Emergency Call Download Mp3

The world of music is a canvas where artists paint emotions, stories, and experiences with their melodies. DJ Ace, a prominent figure in the music industry, continues to add his unique strokes to this canvas with his latest creation, “10111 Emergency Call,” featuring the collaborative talents of LeeKay and Xolisoulmf. This article delves into the artists’ backgrounds, the essence of “10111 Emergency Call,” and the impact of their collective artistry.

DJ Ace

DJ Ace, LeeKay, and Xolisoulmf represent a dynamic trio of musical innovators, each contributing their distinctive flavors to the tapestry of sound. DJ Ace, known for his prowess in various genres, including house and Amapiano, has earned a loyal following for his exceptional mixing skills and musical versatility. LeeKay, an emerging artist, brings fresh energy with his charismatic presence and lyrical prowess. Xolisoulmf, with his soulful vocals and musical dexterity, adds an extra layer of depth to the collaboration.

10111 Emergency Call

The title “10111 Emergency Call” immediately piques curiosity, hinting at a sense of urgency and significance. True to its name, the song captures a whirlwind of emotions, intertwining elements of Amapiano, Afro-house, and deep house. DJ Ace’s expertise in seamlessly blending these genres is evident as he crafts a sonic landscape that evolves with every beat.


LeeKay’s lyrical delivery paints a vivid picture, narrating a tale of emotional turbulence and the need for rescue. His verses intertwine with Xolisoulmf’s soul-stirring vocals, creating a contrast that evokes a sense of depth and complexity. The song’s rhythm, punctuated by pulsating beats and entrancing melodies, amplifies the urgency depicted in the narrative.

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