DJ Bongz & Phinova – Nkosi Ft. Senzo Afrika

DJ Bongz & Phinova - Nkosi Ft. Senzo Afrika Mp3

DJ Bongz & Phinova Unite with Senzo Afrika for “Nkosi” – A New Afro House Anthem

In the dynamic world of Afro House music, exciting collaborations always grab attention. This time, DJ Bongz and Phinova team up with Senzo Afrika. Together, they release “Nkosi”, a thrilling new track.

Release Details

Gwara Nation Entertainment, a prestigious label, proudly presents this new Afro House song.

Crafting “Nkosi”: A Blend of Talent and Rhythm

“Nkosi” stands out as a gem, capturing the essence of Afro House music.

DJ Bongz’s Influence

DJ Bongz, a pioneer, leads the Afro House scene. His beats and energy captivate fans.

Phinova’s Unique Touch

Phinova brings exceptional production skills and a distinct sound, enriching the track.

Senzo Afrika’s Vocal Magic

The song reaches new heights with Senzo Afrika. His soulful voice adds depth to the lyrics, touching fans worldwide.

Recorded in high-quality 320 Kbps MP3, “Nkosi” offers an unparalleled auditory experience. It showcases the artists’ dedication and effort.

“Nkosi”: More Than a Song

“Nkosi” is unique for its production quality and the star power behind it. It celebrates culture, rhythm, and music’s unifying force. It appeals to both seasoned and new Afro House fans.

The track mixes pulsating beats with captivating vocals. It blends traditional and contemporary sounds, offering a deep dive into Afro House music.

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