Mp3 : Afrikan Roots – The Rhythm (feat. Maz Sings)

Afrikan Roots – The Rhythm
New Song : Afrikan Roots The Rhythm Download Mp3

Afrikan Roots, the dynamic musical ensemble known for pushing the boundaries of Afro House music, has once again demonstrated their musical prowess with the release of a mesmerizing new track titled “The Rhythm.” Led by Bobby M and Fatso 98, the group has consistently delivered outstanding music that resonates with fans across the globe. This time, they have enlisted the soulful vocals of Maz Sings to elevate their latest creation.

Afrikan Roots

The journey of Afrikan Roots has been marked by a series of successful collaborations and solo releases, showcasing their versatility and commitment to delivering quality music. Notable among their recent works is the collaboration with Monareng on the track “Re Bina Kiba,” which garnered widespread acclaim for its infectious beats and soul-stirring melodies.

In October, Afrikan Roots treated fans to the solo jam “Drums,” a testament to their ability to craft infectious rhythms that captivate audiences. The collaboration with Melo on “iThemba Lami” further solidified their position as trendsetters in the Afro House music scene.

The Rhythm

Maz Sings, known for his ability to infuse emotion into every note, brings a unique flavor to “The Rhythm.” His collaboration with Afrikan Roots creates a synergy that results in a musical journey that is both uplifting and dance-inducing.

Listeners are encouraged to check out “The Rhythm” to experience the magic firsthand. The track not only showcases the technical prowess of Afrikan Roots but also highlights Maz Sings’ vocal dexterity, creating a harmonious balance between beats and melodies.


As we await future releases from Afrikan Roots, “The Rhythm” stands as a testament to the band’s commitment to keeping the heartbeat of Afro House alive and thriving.

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