Mp3 : Ama Grootman – Corrections

Ama Grootman – Corrections
New Song : Ama Grootman Corrections Download Mp3

Ama Grootman has just dropped his electrifying Amapiano album titled “Corrections”. This 11-track project, released under Major Role Music, is already creating a buzz on streaming platforms and within the Amapiano community.

Ama Grootman

“My Dali” and “Pitori” showcase Grootman’s ability to blend heartfelt lyrics with catchy, danceable rhythms. And don’t miss “Chillies”, an ensemble effort featuring Acidicloopz, Giftdaboy, and Sfezza a track that’s destined to be a hit.


The album kicks off with the “De Mthuda’s Appreciation (Intro)”, paying homage to one of the genre’s icons in a six-minute opener that sets the tone. Tracks like “Izitha Zam” and “Moya” continue to build on the vibrant, infectious beats that Amapiano is celebrated for.


Closing the album with “Dlala Grootman”, Ama ensures listeners end on a high note, capturing the energy and spirit that he brings to the Amapiano scene.

Title Artist Duration Status
1 De Mthuda’s Appreciation (Intro) Ama Grootman 5:48 Released
2 Izitha Zam Ama Grootman 5:14 Released
3 Moya Ama Grootman 5:31 Released
4 Amanxeba (feat. Ntomusica) Ama Grootman & Da Mabusa 5:14 Released
5 Umama Owangizalayo (2.0 Piano Remix)
Ama Grootman & Da Mabusa 6:00 Released
6 Imithandazo Ama Grootman 5:31 Released
7 My Dali Ama Grootman 4:35 Released
8 Pitori Ama Grootman 6:01 Released
9 Chillies (feat. Acidicloopz, Giftdaboy & Sfezza) Ama Grootman 4:58 Released
10 Divorce
Ama Grootman 5:21 Released
11 Dlala Grootman Ama Grootman 5:51 Released

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