Mp3 : bbymutha – sleep paralysis

bbymutha – sleep paralysis
New Song : bbymutha sleep paralysis Download Mp3

In a riveting collision of beats and lyricism, BBYMUTHA, the enigmatic voice of the underground, has unleashed her latest sonic masterpiece upon the world.


With her signature blend of raw honesty and unapologetic attitude, BBYMUTHA invites listeners to accompany her on a journey through the tangled labyrinth of the mind.

sleep paralysis

But “Sleep Paralysis” is more than just a reflection on the subconscious,it’s a visceral exploration of fear, vulnerability, and empowerment. BBYMUTHA confronts the demons that lurk in the shadows of our minds, refusing to shy away from the discomfort they bring.


With each listen, new layers of meaning reveal themselves, inviting listeners to delve deeper into the recesses of their own minds.


# Title Artist Duration Status
1 gun kontrol bbymutha 2:15 Released
2 piss! bbymutha 4:07 Released
3 head x shoulders bbymutha 1:49 Released
4 rich bbymutha 2:57 Released
5 tony hawk bbymutha 2:24 Released
6 lines bbymutha 3:10 Released
7 nice/nasty bbymutha 2:18 Released
8 ghostface bbymutha 2:27 Released
9 final girl bbymutha 3:42 Released
10 mutha massacre bbymutha 3:31 Released
11 go! bbymutha 3:12 Released
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