Mp3 : Big Xhosa – My Ex ft. Big Zulu

Big Xhosa – My Ex
New Song : Big Xhosa My Ex Download Mp3

The production of “My Ex” is top-notch, featuring an infectious beat and a memorable hook that will have listeners nodding their heads and singing along. The song is a showcase of Big Xhosa’s and Big Zulu’s ability to effortlessly combine their distinctive styles, creating a song that is both emotionally charged and incredibly catchy.

Big Xhosa

Big Xhosa and Big Zulu are no strangers to the music industry. Both artists have solidified their positions in the South African hip-hop scene with their unique styles and lyrical prowess. “My Ex” showcases their undeniable chemistry as they join forces to tell a captivating story through their music.

My Ex

At the heart of “My Ex” is a story of love, loss, and self-discovery. The lyrics delve into the complexities of past relationships, examining the emotions that come with the territory. Both Big Xhosa and Big Zulu draw from their own experiences, making the narrative relatable to anyone who has ever had a romantic relationship unravel. The track is not only an exploration of heartbreak but also a declaration of empowerment and moving forward, resonating with those who’ve had to say goodbye to their exes.


Big Xhosa and Big Zulu have once again proven that their musical prowess knows no bounds, and they’re ready to conquer the hearts of fans with this extraordinary collaboration.

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