Mp3 : Black Afrika – Isimo ft Smartblack Mampondo

Black Afrika – Isimo
New Song : Black Afrika Isimo Download Mp3

The music world is once again set ablaze as two titans of the industry, Black Afrika and Smartblack Mampondo, unite their talents in their latest single, “Isimo.” This collaboration has fans buzzing with excitement, and the anticipation for the release is palpable. “Isimo” promises to be a melodic and cultural journey that fuses the unique styles of these renowned artists into a singular masterpiece.

Black Afrika

Black Afrika, the multifaceted musician known for their ability to seamlessly blend various genres, has consistently pushed the boundaries of creativity in the music industry. Their discography boasts a diverse array of tracks that draw inspiration from African rhythms, electronic elements, and soulful melodies. Through their music, Black Afrika has cultivated a global fanbase that appreciates their commitment to crafting sonic experiences that transcend cultural and genre boundaries.


Smartblack Mampondo, an artist steeped in the traditions of African music, has been a leading force in preserving and evolving indigenous sounds. Their fusion of traditional African rhythms with contemporary elements has earned them a well deserved reputation as a pioneer in the world music scene. With a background deeply rooted in African heritage, Smartblack Mampondo’s contributions have resonated with audiences worldwide, highlighting the richness and diversity of African musical traditions.


“Isimo” is a musical endeavor that brings Black Afrika and Smartblack Mampondo together in a harmonious collaboration. The single promises to be a meeting point of contemporary production and traditional African sounds. The title, “Isimo,” which means “essence” or “core” in several African languages, suggests a journey to the heart of African musical heritage.

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