Mp3 : Black Is Brown Compilation Vol. 3

Black Is Brown Compilation Vol. 3
New Song : Black Is Brown Compilation Vol. 3 Download Mp3

The recent release of the “Black Is Brown Compilation Vol. 3” has sent ripples through the music world, offering a captivating Amapiano experience curated by a diverse group of artists. Available on platforms like Apple Music and YouTube, this compilation, unveiled on December 15, 2023, boasts a collection of 10 tracks that collectively redefine the Amapiano genre.

Mr JazziQ and Kay Invictus

Mr JazziQ, whose real name is Tumelo Manyoni, is a South African DJ, record producer, and songwriter. He gained widespread recognition for his contributions to the Amapiano music genre, known for its unique blend of house music, jazz, and kwaito. Mr JazziQ has been instrumental in shaping the Amapiano sound, and his work often features infectious beats and innovative compositions. His solo efforts and collaborations have garnered him a dedicated fan base, and his track “Danko JazziQue” on the “Black Is Brown Compilation Vol. 3” has particularly drawn attention for its distinctive sound.Kay Invictus, on the other hand, is an artist who collaborates with Mr JazziQ on this mentioned track.

Black Is Brown Compilation Vol. 3

Lasting over an hour, the album introduces listeners to the evolving landscape of modern Amapiano. Among the standout tracks is “Danko JazziQue,” a collaboration between Mr JazziQ and Kay Invictus, praised for its distinctive sound and inventive composition. However, this compilation transcends being just an album; it stands as a testament to the celebration of musical diversity and collaboration.


Anticipation from genre enthusiasts was met with satisfaction upon the album’s release. From the rhythmic beats of “Abo Gogo nabo Mkhulu” by Jandas and Umthakathi Kush to the soulful melodies of “Naja” by DJy Biza and Seekay, each track offers a fresh perspective on Amapiano, captivating the hearts of music lovers.


Track Number Song Title Main Artists Featured Artists
1 Ngiyam zonda papi_sa, Lemaza & Djy Biza Frost
2 Gida Lwamii, Welz & Kay Invictus
3 Abo Gogo nabo Mkhulu Jandas, Mr JazziQ & Umthakathi Kush MduHumble & Knowley-D
4 MaTen DJy Ma’Ten, Don Deeya & Mema Percent
5 Aba Thakathi Guluva & Zan’Ten
6 Tonic Mema Percent & Dimtonic
7 Naja DJy Biza & Seekay
8 Izinja Justin99, Lemaza & papi_sa
9 Danko JazziQue Mr JazziQ & Kay Invictus
10 Too many Yung Silly Coon, SphulaWaBantwana & Pills
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