Mp3 : BlacksJnr – Telkom

BlacksJnr – Telkom
New Song : BlacksJnr Telkom  Download Mp3

“Telkom” is not just a song but a testament to BlacksJnr’s commitment to creating music that reflects his roots while pushing the boundaries of the Afrobeat genre. The track is named after Telkom, a telecommunications company with a significant presence in Africa, and this choice hints at the song’s theme.


BlacksJnr, born and raised in the heart of Africa, brings a unique blend of talent and authenticity to the Afrobeat genre. His music is a fusion of traditional African rhythms, modern instrumentation, and contemporary production techniques, making it both culturally rich and universally appealing.


“Telkom” boasts a vibrant and energetic soundscape that is impossible to resist. The track begins with a hypnotic drum pattern that immediately sets the tone, and it’s soon joined by the pulsating bassline that forms the backbone of the song. Layers of melodic and percussive elements build upon this foundation, creating a rich and textured sonic experience.


BlacksJnr’s “Telkom” is a remarkable addition to the Afrobeat genre, pushing boundaries and offering a fresh take on the sound that is capturing the hearts of music lovers worldwide. With its infectious rhythm, compelling lyrics, and captivating visuals, “Telkom” is more than just a song; it’s a celebration of connectivity and the universal language of music.

Download Mp3 : BlacksJnr – Telkom 


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