Mp3 : BlaQRhythm & Maline Aura – Amashumi

BlaQRhythm & Maline Aura – Amashumi
New Song : BlaQRhythm & Maline Aura Amashumi Download Mp3

n a notable collaboration, South African music producers BlaQRhythm and Maline Aura have released their latest single, “Amashumi.” This new track, which blends Afro-house rhythms with modern electronic beats, has received widespread acclaim within the music community.

BlaQRhythm & Maline Aura

BlaQRhythm and Maline Aura have both been key figures in shaping the Afro-house scene in South Africa. Their previous works, such as “Miss You More” in collaboration with TNS, have established them as major players in the industry.


The production of the song is characterized by its intricate beats and seamless integration of Afro-house influences, a genre that has been gaining global popularity. Maline Aura’s vocals add depth and emotion to the track, enhancing its appeal and ensuring it stands out in the competitive music landscape.


As they continue to push the boundaries of Afro-house, their contributions are sure to inspire and influence future generations of musicians.


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