Mp3 : Buddynice – Fortune Teller (Redemial Mix)

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Buddynice – Fortune Teller
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Buddynice has released a number of tracks and projects that have garnered attention in the house music community. His productions often reflect a rich understanding of music theory and production techniques, resulting in tracks that are both musically intricate and dancefloor-friendly. Some of his notable releases include singles, remixes, and contributions to various compilation albums.

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Buddynice, whose real name is Simphiwe Mkhize, hails from the vibrant music scene of South Africa. He gained recognition for his unique blend of deep and soulful house music, often infused with elements of Afro rhythms and melodies. Buddynice’s music often carries an emotional depth that resonates with listeners, and his tracks are known for their intricate compositions and atmospheric textures.

Fortune Teller (Redemial Mix)

The title “Fortune Teller” hints at the idea of foretelling destiny, and Buddynice expertly conveys this concept through the track’s melodies. The ethereal and introspective nature of the music evokes feelings of introspection and contemplation, as if the melodies themselves are whispering tales of fate and possibilities.


Like many artists in the electronic music world, Buddynice has been involved in collaborations with other artists and producers. Collaborations often allow artists to explore new creative directions and bring fresh perspectives to their work. These joint efforts can lead to the creation of tracks that showcase the strengths of each collaborator.

Download Mp3 : Buddynice – Fortune Teller (Redemial Mix)

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