MP3 : California Boyz – Tunde Ednut

California Boyz – Tunde Ednut
New Song : California Boyz Tunde Ednut Download Mp3

In a melodious ode to gratitude and admiration, California Boyz have burst onto the music scene with their debut single, the interestingly titled “Tunde Ednut.” This captivating tune not only marks the group’s arrival but also showcases their extraordinary potential as a musical collective and skillful songwriters.

California Boyz

Comprising the talented quartet of Rankin BGF, Boi Rhatie, Belamena, and Emaxdo, California Boyz have crafted an anthem for the ages, paying homage to the influential Nigerian media figure Tunde Ednut. Their musical journey has been significantly influenced by the support and encouragement they’ve received from this well-known personality, and their debut single is a testament to the impact of collaboration and mentorship.

Tunde Ednut

The song, aptly titled “Tunde Ednut,” is dedicated to the birthday celebration of Tunde Olaoluwa Adekunle, popularly known as Tunde Ednut. In a world where influential figures often shape the creative landscape, California Boyz have chosen to express their appreciation in the most authentic way possible, through the art of music.


So, tune in, listen, and be a part of the California Boyz’s musical journey by sharing your thoughts on this remarkable debut.

Download Mp3 : California Boyz – Tunde Ednut

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