Mp3 : Calvin Fallo – Imithetho ft. Mkhulu Motsi & Darlianoh

Calvin Fallo – Imithetho
New Song : Calvin Fallo Imithetho Download Mp3

Mkhulu Motsi is no stranger to those who appreciate the nuances of African vocal artistry. His soulful and resonant voice brings an element of depth to every collaboration he undertakes. Motsi’s vocal prowess transcends mere singing; it’s a storytelling experience that connects with listeners on an emotional level, making him a sought-after collaborator for artists looking to add richness to their compositions.

Calvin Fallo

Calvin Fallo has carved a name for himself in the South African music scene through his unique approach to blending genres. With an ability to seamlessly fuse elements of house, afrobeat, and traditional rhythms, Fallo has consistently captivated audiences with his infectious beats and engaging melodies. His musical journey is marked by his commitment to pushing boundaries and his dedication to creating music that resonates with a global audience.


“Imithetho” stands as a harmonious creation that brings together the talents of Calvin Fallo, Mkhulu Motsi, and Darlianoh. The track opens with an alluring melody that sets the tone for the musical journey ahead. As the vocals kick in, listeners are treated to a blend of emotions conveyed through heartfelt lyrics and masterful delivery. The fusion of Fallo’s genre-bending production, Motsi’s soul-stirring vocals, and Darlianoh’s melodic prowess results in a composition that is as rich as it is engaging.


The synergy between Calvin Fallo, Mkhulu Motsi, and Darlianoh in “Imithetho” is a celebration of artistic collaboration at its finest. Each artist’s unique contribution elevates the track, creating a cohesive masterpiece that transcends individual boundaries and showcases the power of collective creativity. “Imithetho” serves as a reminder that the magic of music often lies in the ability to harmonize diverse voices and sounds.

Download Mp3 : Calvin Fallo – Imithetho ft. Mkhulu Motsi & Darlianoh

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