Mp3 : Cheez Beezy & Murumba Pitch – Danko ft. Tee Jay

Cheez Beezy & Murumba Pitch – Danko
New Song : Cheez Beezy & Murumba Pitch Danko

In the changing world of African music, two talented artists, Cheez Beezy and Murumba Pitch, teamed up to make a great song that’s getting really popular in Africa. They worked with Tee Jay, another talented singer, on their new song called “Danko.” In this article, we’ll look at what makes this song special, how it mixes different music styles, and the artists who are becoming famous because of it.

Cheez Beezy & Murumba Pitch

Cheez Beezy is from Lagos, Nigeria, and he’s becoming  famous in the music world because of his unique style and great lyrics. He mixes different kinds of music like Afrobeat, hip-hop, and dancehall in a cool way.

On the other hand, Murumba Pitch is from Nairobi, Kenya. He adds a special East African touch to the music they make together. People love his smooth voice and how well he writes songs. He’s got a lot of fans in the African music world.


Since “Danko” came out, it’s become really popular not just in Africa, but all around the world. It’s climbed up the music charts in many African countries, and lots of people from different places know about it now. The song’s catchy chorus has even inspired people to make dance videos and share them on social media, making it a big part of what’s popular in music right now.


“Danko” is a mix of different African music styles, like Afrobeat and Bongo Flava, along with a bit of South African House music. When you start listening to it, the catchy beat grabs your attention right away. It’s like an exciting musical journey that makes you want to dance and enjoy the music.

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