Mp3 : Citizen Deep – Don’t Wake Up (Citizen Blaq Mix) (feat. Sir Trill)

Citizen Deep – Don’t Wake Up
New Song : Citizen Deep Don’t Wake Up Download Mp3

As the weekend beckons with its promise of unwinding and revelry, the airwaves are set to pulsate with the infectious beats of none other than the prolific hitmaker, Citizen Deep. Renowned for orchestrating dance floor euphoria, Citizen Deep has once again taken center stage with his latest offering, the “Don’t Wake Up (Citizen Blaq Mix),” a collaboration with the soulful Sir Trill. In a year that has seen limited musical entries from the maestro, the quality of his releases remains as exceptional as ever.

Citizen Deep

This year, Citizen Deep has been a beacon of musical brilliance, leaving an indelible mark on the South African music scene. Despite the desire for more sonic creations, fans have eagerly embraced the gems that the artist has unveiled. November saw the release of the tantalizing “Hold On (Remixes),” a collaborative endeavor with Leo Guardo and Sobantwana, showcasing Citizen Deep’s versatility in blending diverse musical elements.

Don’t Wake Up

Citizen Deep’s collaborative spirit shines through in his musical journey, and one standout collaboration that has left listeners in awe is “Don’t Wake Up,” a track that features Atmos Blaq and the soul-stirring vocals of Sir Trill. The synergy between these talented artists is palpable, creating an auditory experience that transcends the ordinary.


So, whether you find yourself on the dance floor of a bustling club or in the comfort of your home, let Citizen Deep’s beats guide you through an immersive musical experience. Add the mix to your playlist, and let the weekend festivities commence with a rhythm that only Citizen Deep can provide.


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