Mp3 : DJ Amenisto – Izulu Ft. Thabie Ngethe

DJ Amenisto – Izulu Ft. Thabie Ngethe
New Song : DJ Amenisto Izulu Download Mp3

What sets “Izulu” apart from the myriad of songs in the genre is its distinctive fusion of melodies and rhythms. DJ Amenisto’s inventive approach to production blends seamlessly with Thabie Ngethe’s gifted vocals, creating a musical experience that transcends the boundaries of conventional deep house. The synergy between the two artists is palpable, breathing new life into the genre and offering listeners a fresh perspective on what deep house can truly be.

DJ Amenisto

The collaboration between DJ Amenisto and Thabie Ngethe has not only produced a captivating song but has also elevated the standards of deep house music. “Izulu” serves as a benchmark for the genre, showcasing the depth and adaptability that can be achieved when talented artists come together. The track is not merely another addition to the music industry; it’s a statement, a testament to the artists’ commitment to pushing boundaries and exploring uncharted musical territories.


Amidst the plethora of tracks released this year, “Izulu” stands out as a well-enchanted tune that captures the essence of deep house in a way that resonates with both casual listeners and devoted fans of the genre. The song builds upon the foundations laid by previously released tracks, adding a layer of sophistication and creativity that sets it apart.


As “Izulu” makes waves in the music industry, it signals a new era for deep house, inviting listeners to embrace a musical experience that is both inventive and timeless.

Download Mp3 : DJ Amenisto – Izulu Ft. Thabie Ngethe

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