Mp3 : DJ Owami – Ngibambeni ft Lia

DJ Owami – Ngibambeni
New Song : DJ Owami  Ngibambeni Download Mp3

In a music landscape dominated by the Piano scene for years, DJ Owami emerged on the airwaves two years ago with her debut EP, “Ready.” The release signaled her readiness to make a mark in the industry, and she undoubtedly lived up to the expectation. Comprising seven tracks, the project boasted contributions from acclaimed artists such as Lia, Valentine Mathe, Rock C, and Tshego M, each adding their unique flair to the mix. If you haven’t experienced the magic of “Ready” yet, it’s certainly worth exploring.

DJ Owami

DJ Owami, a rising star in the music scene, sets the stage for a lively celebration with her track “Ngibambeni,” featuring the collaborative talents of Lia. This infectious song is part of her 2021 project, the “Ready” EP, which showcases Owami’s prowess as a DJ and artist.


Now, DJ Owami returns to the forefront, breathing new life into a track from the EP by titling it “Ngibambeni” and collaborating with the talented Lia once again. The track invites listeners to immerse themselves in its energetic beats and captivating melodies. For those who haven’t had the pleasure of hearing it yet, the song is a must-listen, offering a glimpse into DJ Owami’s creative evolution.


To savor the vibrant sounds of “Ngibambeni,” take a moment to check out the track below. Don’t forget to add it to a playlist of your choice, as this collaboration between DJ Owami and Lia promises to be a standout addition to any music collection.

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