Mp3 : DJ Tomer, Ricardo Gi & Fanzo – Heartbreak (VooDoo Tribe Mix)

DJ Tomer, Ricardo Gi & Fanzo – Heartbreak
New Song : DJ Tomer, Ricardo Gi & Fanzo Heartbreak  Download Mp3

In a vibrant addition to the Afrobeat scene, DJ Tomer, Ricardo Gi, and Fanzo have collaborated to release “Heartbreak (VooDoo Tribe Mix),” a track that promises to enchant listeners with its unique blend of traditional Afrobeat rhythms and modern electronic music elements. Despite the lack of widespread news coverage on this release, the song is poised to make a significant impact within the music industry and among fans of the genre.

About The Artists

This collaboration marks a significant moment for all artists involved, showcasing their ability to blend different musical traditions into a cohesive and captivating sound. The VooDoo Tribe Mix of “Heartbreak” is not just a song but an experience, designed to transport listeners to a space where music transcends cultural and geographical boundaries.

Heartbreak (VooDoo Tribe Mix)

“Heartbreak (VooDoo Tribe Mix)” stands out for its innovative approach to Afrobeat, incorporating elements that pay homage to the genre’s roots while pushing the boundaries with contemporary sound design and production techniques. DJ Tomer and Ricardo Gi, known for their dynamic contributions to electronic music, have joined forces with Fanzo, bringing a fresh perspective to the track with his deep understanding of African rhythms and sounds.


While specific details about the song’s production and the artists’ inspiration remain scarce, the track itself speaks volumes about the possibilities that lie at the intersection of traditional African music and contemporary electronic beats. “Heartbreak (VooDoo Tribe Mix)” is a testament to the ongoing evolution of Afrobeat, highlighting the genre’s capacity for reinvention and its global appeal.


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