Mp3 : DJ Yessonia – Awushodi ft. Starr Healer, Khanyisa, Emjaykeyz & Sir Trill

DJ Yessonia – Awushodi

New Song : DJ Yessonia Awushodi Download Mp3

Spice up your weekend by avoiding boredom and indulging in the latest trending hit songs from renowned artists in South Africa and other countries. DJ Yessonia, along with a group of talented musical stars including StarHealer, Khanyisa, Emjaykeyz, and Sir Trill,  has released a fantastic collaboration titled “Awushodi.” This exciting new track promises to captivate listeners with its melodious tunes and infectious beats. By downloading these recent releases, you can stay up-to-date with the hottest music and enjoy the creative synergy between these talented artists. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to immerse yourself in the vibrant world of music and discover new sounds that will uplift your spirits and make your weekend more enjoyable. So, kick back, relax, and let the rhythm of these trending songs take you on a memorable musical journey.

DJ Yessonia

DJ Yessonia, an aspiring singer from South Africa, she is still in the process of gaining recognition and hasn’t reached a level of fame that would reveal details about his personal life, such as her birth-date, marital status, and family background. While these aspects remain undisclosed in the media at the time of Zakavibes’ publication, DJ Yessonia has been actively collaborating with other singers and has released several songs to advance her musical career.


Despite not yet achieving widespread fame, DJ Yessonia has been diligently working with fellow artists, utilizing these collaborations as opportunities to showcase her talents. Through these joint efforts, he aims to establish himself as a prominent figure in the music industry. While his personal life may currently be shielded from public knowledge, DJ Yessonia’s focus lies in producing and promoting her music, hoping to gain the recognition and appreciation that will ultimately propel her into the limelight.In this her recent music project she collaborated with StarHealer, Khanyisa, Emjaykeyz, and Sir Trill,to release this tending hit song.


It is not uncommon for emerging artists to keep certain aspects of their lives private until they have attained a certain level of success and popularity. As DJ Yessonia continues to hone her craft and make strides in her musical journey, fans and music enthusiasts can look forward to witnessing her growth and the evolution of her career.

Download Mp3 : DJ Yessonia – Awushodi ft. Starr Healer, Khanyisa, Emjaykeyz & Sir Trill

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