Mp3 : Mdu aka TRP – Backup Drums

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Mdu aka TRP – Backup Drums
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In the realm of Amapiano, where rhythm reigns supreme and beats are the heartbeats of the dancefloor, Mdu aka TRP stands as a maestro of sonic creativity. With his latest offering, “Backup Drums,” this versatile artist continues to push the boundaries of Amapiano music, delivering a track that’s not only infectious but also a testament to his prowess as a producer.

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Mdu aka TRP

Mdu aka TRP, also known as Masterpiece Delelo, is a South African music producer and DJ known for his contributions to the Amapiano music scene. Amapiano is a genre that originated in South Africa, characterized by its fusion of deep house, jazz, and other electronic music elements.

Backup Drums

The track’s title, “Backup Drums,” hints at the rhythmic foundation upon which the song is built. Mdu aka TRP masterfully weaves intricate drum patterns and percussive elements that serve as the driving force of the composition. The result is a hypnotic groove that’s impossible to resist, making “Backup Drums” a must-listen for anyone seeking to surrender to the power of rhythm.


In the digital age, many artists use social media platforms and online music streaming services to share their work and connect with their fans. Mdu aka TRP likely has a presence on platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and music streaming platforms.

Download Mp3 : Mdu aka TRP – Backup Drums

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