MP3 : Ebuka Songs – New Generation Ft. Moses Bliss

Ebuka Songs – New Generation
New Song : Ebuka Songs New Generation Download Mp3

In the ever-evolving landscape of contemporary gospel music, artists are constantly pushing boundaries and exploring new horizons to deliver messages of faith and hope. One such artist making waves in the genre is Ebuka Songs, and his latest release, “New Generation,” featuring the talented Moses Bliss, is a testament to his commitment to innovation and spiritual expression.

Ebuka Songs

Ebuka Songs, born Ebuka Emmanuel Hillary, is making waves as a promising gospel music artist. Adopting the stage name “Ebuka Songs,” he has emerged as a talent to watch under the esteemed record label SPOTLITE Nation, which is associated with the renowned gospel musician Moses Bliss. Known for his impactful chants and profound vocalizations, Ebuka Songs is carving out his own space in the vibrant world of gospel music.

New Generation

The production of “New Generation” is a masterful blend of contemporary gospel, Afrobeat influences, and soulful harmonies. The song opens with a captivating instrumental arrangement that sets the tone for a worship experience. Throughout the track, Ebuka Songs and Moses Bliss complement each other with seamless vocal interplay, creating a captivating sonic journey for the listener.


As the song continues to make waves, it undoubtedly solidifies Ebuka Songs’ and Moses Bliss’ positions as influential figures in the contemporary gospel music scene, inspiring a new generation of worshipers to embrace faith and celebrate the divine.

Download Mp3 : Ebuka Songs – New Generation Ft. Moses Bliss

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