Mp3 : Freeman HKD – Trophy Album

Freeman HKD – Trophy Album
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Freeman HKD, the Zimbabwean hip-hop sensation, has once again captivated the music scene with his latest release, the “Trophy Album.” Known for his distinctive style and thought-provoking lyrics, Freeman has created a musical masterpiece that transcends boundaries and showcases his evolution as an artist. In this article, we delve into the highlights of the “Trophy Album” and explore the unique elements that make it a standout contribution to the world of hip-hop.

Freeman HKD

Freeman HKD, born Energy Sylvester Chizanga, has been a prominent figure in the Zimbabwean music industry, particularly in the hip-hop genre. Over the years, Freeman has demonstrated remarkable growth as an artist, pushing the boundaries of his creativity and exploring new sonic territories. The “Trophy Album” stands as a testament to his evolution, showcasing a matured and refined version of Freeman HKD.

Trophy Album

One of the standout features of the “Trophy Album” is Freeman’s lyrical prowess. The artist has never been one to shy away from addressing social and political issues in his music, and this album is no exception. The lyrics are rich with storytelling, introspection, and a keen observation of the world around him. Freeman’s ability to craft thought-provoking verses adds a layer of depth to the album, making it more than just a collection of songs but a commentary on contemporary issues.


As listeners embark on this musical journey, they are sure to be captivated by the artistry and passion that Freeman HKD brings to the table. The “Trophy Album” is not just a collection of songs; it’s a celebration of Freeman HKD’s artistic prowess and a significant contribution to the ever-evolving landscape of hip-hop.


Track# Title Producer Credits
1. Tsiva Oskid
2. Kumba Ndinodzoka (Featuring Jah Prayzah) Shamex and Rodney Beatz
3. Man to Man (Featuring Nox and Tifah Guni) Spirit Fingerz
4. Babe Iro Rodney Beatz
5. Banan’ana Spirit Fingerz
6. Mazirudo (Featuring Delroy Shewe) Shamex
7. Trophy Shamex
8. Usandisiye Rodney Beatz
9. Nadah (Featuring Saintfloew) Oskid, Dj Gwyte, Shamex
10. iHombe yaMatanga Shamex
11. Mutaka (Featuring Feli Nandi) Rodney Beatz
12. Mhandu Cymplex Music
13. Musaga Rodney Beatz


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