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JeriQ – 11:11
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In the ever-evolving landscape of the Nigerian music scene, one artist stands out for his exceptional lyrical prowess, compelling storytelling, and authentic approach to his craft. Jeremiah Chukwuebuka Ani, known by his stage name Jeriq, is a name that’s gaining momentum, and his latest release, “11:11,” is a testament to his undeniable talent and unique perspective as an independent artist.

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Born on May 6, 1999, Jeriq hails from Nigeria, a nation with a rich musical heritage. As a young artist, he quickly found his voice within the realm of hip-hop and rap. His ability to craft vivid stories through his verses set him apart early on. With an affinity for clever wordplay and a keen understanding of rhythm, Jeriq’s musical journey was destined for greatness.


In a music industry often dominated by major labels and production houses, Jeriq boldly chose to be an independent artist. This decision speaks to his artistic integrity and determination to maintain creative control over his work. Being an independent artist allows Jeriq to fully express himself, delivering his message without compromise. “11:11” embodies this spirit of independence, a song that bears the hallmark of an artist who refuses to be confined by convention.


Jeremiah Chukwuebuka Ani, aka Jeriq, is more than just a rapper and singer. He’s an embodiment of artistic freedom, an advocate for authenticity, and a rising star with an innate ability to connect with listeners. “11:11” stands as a testament to his unique perspective, blending introspection, personal revelation, and musical innovation into a single compelling track.

Download Mp3 : JeriQ – 11:11

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