Mp3 : Jungle – Volcano

Jungle – Volcano
New Song : Jungle Volcano Download Mp3

Jungle, the electrifying dance duo, has unleashed their highly anticipated album “Volcano,” much to the ecstatic joy of their global fanbase. Released under the esteemed banner of Caiola Records in an exclusive partnership with AWAL Recordings Ltd., this album comprises 14 dynamic tracks pulsating with energy and emotion.


Collaborations such as “Candle Flame (feat. Erick the Architect),” “I’ve Been In Love (feat. Channel Tres),” and “You Ain’t No Celebrity (feat. Roots Manuva)” showcase Jungle’s ability to weave together diverse elements into cohesive and compelling tracks.


Kicking off with the powerful anthem “Us Against The World,” “Volcano” immediately establishes a thrilling atmosphere that resonates throughout the entire collection.


Jungle remains unapologetically authentic, delivering a visceral and genuine encounter for listeners.



# Title Artist Duration Status
1 Us Against The World Jungle 3:27 Released
2 Holding On Jungle 3:16 Released
3 Candle Flame (feat. Erick the Architect) Jungle 2:54 Released
4 Dominoes Jungle 2:57 Released
5 I’ve Been In Love (feat. Channel Tres) Jungle 2:49 Released
6 Back On 74 Jungle 3:29 Released
7 You Ain’t No Celebrity (feat. Roots Manuva) Jungle 2:33 Released
8 Coming Back Jungle 3:21 Released
9 Don’t Play (feat. Mood Talk) Jungle 3:46 Released
10 Every Night Jungle 3:05 Released
11 PROBLEMZ Jungle 3:04 Released
12 Good At Breaking Hearts (feat. JNR Williams & 33.3) Jungle 3:33 Released
13 Palm Trees Jungle 3:19 Released
14 Pretty Little Thing (feat. Bas) Jungle 3:01 Released
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