Mp3 : Justin 99 x Pcee x Toss – Dulas

Justin 99 x Pcee x Toss – Dulas

New Song : Justin 99 Pcee  Toss Dulas Download Mp3

Justin 99, Pcee, and Toss, a trio of trending South African singers, have recently released a captivating song titled “Dulas.” In this music project, they have joined forces, bringing together their unique ideas to create a successful collaboration. As upcoming artists, they are still in the process of establishing themselves in the music industry. While they have not yet achieved widespread fame and wealth, they are tirelessly working towards making a name for themselves. These talented singers are facing the challenges and hurdles that come with the journey of becoming recognized and respected figures in the music scene. With their collective passion and determination, Justin 99, Pcee, and Toss are determined to rise to greater heights, continuously delivering memorable music that resonates with listeners.

Justin 99

Justin 99, a dedicated singer and songwriter, has been consistently releasing music to elevate his musical career to new heights. With notable songs like “Yahyuppiyah,” “Zotata (Mixed),” “Chipi ke Chipi,” and “NGCONO BANG’YEKE,” among others, Justin 99 showcases his versatility and commitment to his craft. His passion for music shines through his compositions, and he continues to captivate audiences with his unique style. As Justin 99 continues to progress in his musical journey, we can anticipate more exciting releases from this talented artist.


Pcee, an emerging South African singer, is poised to elevate his musical career by collaborating with renowned celebrities. By joining forces with established artists, Pcee aims to gain wider recognition and further establish his presence in the music industry. These strategic collaborations present an opportunity for him to showcase his talents and take his musical journey to new heights.


The trending song “Dulas” is the result of a collaboration between Justin 99, Pcee, and Toss. You can now stream and download the song on Zakavibes for your listening pleasure.


As fans, we can support and encourage their artistic endeavors, appreciating their talent and looking forward to their future releases.

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