Mp3 : Kabusa Oriental Choir – Soweto

Kabusa Oriental Choir – Soweto
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One of the key players in Kabusa Oriental Choir’s rise to fame is music mogul Don Jazzy. The choir caught Don Jazzy’s attention through their unique covers, and he quickly became a vocal supporter, particularly after their rendition of Rihanna’s “Umbrella.” This connection was heightened by Don Jazzy’s well-known admiration for Rihanna, leading to a synergistic relationship that further propelled the choir into the limelight..

Kabusa Oriental Choir

Kabusa Oriental Choir is a collective of young singers who have breathed new life into popular music by infusing it with traditional Catholic sounds. This creative endeavor has set them apart and garnered a massive following, thanks to their ability to craft captivating covers that are both entertaining and spiritually resonant. Comprising individuals such as Nwamara (Instagram: @AustinCan), VeonSyndrom, Yungfaze ofueze, and Ransom Odubia (Instagram: @rans), the group has successfully merged their individual talents to form a harmonious musical unit.


What sets “Soweto” apart is the choir’s ability to harmonize traditional African musical heritage with innovative arrangements. The choir’s lush harmonies, rhythmic patterns, and vibrant vocal textures work together to create a soundscape that captures the essence of Soweto’s dynamic cultural tapestry. The blending of traditional elements with contemporary production showcases Kabusa Oriental Choir’s dedication to creating music that is both authentic and appealing to modern sensibilities.


Kabusa Oriental Choir’s journey from creatively young talents to a recognized musical force exemplifies the power of blending tradition and innovation. Their ability to harmonize Catholic sounds with contemporary music covers showcases their dedication to pushing the boundaries of creativity while paying homage to their cultural roots. With the support of influential figures like Don Jazzy, the choir’s trajectory is on an upward swing, reminding us that music has the incredible capacity to bring people together, break barriers, and create harmonious connections that transcend genres and generations.

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