MP3 : Kharishma & Ba Bethe Gashoazen – Choke Slem

Kharishma & Ba Bethe Gashoazen – Choke Slem
New Song : Kharishma & Ba Bethe Gashoazen Choke Slem Download Mp3

South African Amapiano artists Kharishma and Ba Bethe Gashoazen have joined forces to release their highly-anticipated single, “Choke Slem.” Launched on June 5, 2024, under Kharishma Entertainment, the track is already making waves in the Amapiano scene.

Kharishma & Ba Bethe Gashoazen

Kharishma and Ba Bethe Gashoazen, two luminaries in the South African Amapiano scene, have consistently delivered captivating music. Their latest single, “Choke Slem,” released under Kharishma Entertainment, is already making waves.

Choke Slem

Online reactions have been overwhelmingly positive, with fans and critics praising the single’s energetic vibe and innovative production. Social media platforms are abuzz with users sharing rave reviews and dance clips set to the beat of “Choke Slem.”


As Amapiano continues to rise in global popularity, this collaboration marks a significant milestone for both artists. With “Choke Slem” on repeat, Kharishma and Ba Bethe Gashoazen are poised to solidify their standing in the genre, captivating listeners worldwide.


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