Mp3 : Lady Amar – God’s Delay is not His Denial EP

Lady Amar – God’s Delay is not His Denial EP
New Song : Lady Amar God’s Delay is not His Denial EP

In a celebration of patience, persistence, and the triumph of hard work, multi-talented artist Lady Amar has unveiled her highly anticipated EP, “God’s Delay is not His Denial.” Following the tremendous success of her debut single “Hamba Juba,” which recently achieved Platinum certification, Lady Amar’s latest musical offering comprises five tracks, including previously released hits such as “Emuva” and “Imizwa.”

Lady Amar

At the EP’s launch event, Lady Amar shared the personal significance of the title, explaining that it reflects the invaluable lessons she learned about patience while striving for success in both her life and career. The EP serves as a vessel for her desire to spread a powerful message: even if success doesn’t manifest immediately, perseverance is key, and one should never relinquish hope.

God’s Delay is not His Denial EP

The lead single, “Imizwa,” stands as a soul-stirring musical composition delving into the depth of human emotions. The title, translating to “feelings” in isiZulu, encapsulates the essence of this poignant song, promising to resonate with audiences on a global scale.


This EP is a testament to the transformative power of music and its ability to inspire, uplift, and instill unwavering faith in the face of life’s challenges. Lady Amar’s journey is not just about her success; it’s an invitation for others to embrace their own paths with patience and perseverance.


  1. Ayihlangani (with TEE Ramzy feat. Mthunzi & Jessica LM)
  2. Kuhle (with DJ Khyber feat. Jessica LM, Nontokozo Mkhize)
  3. Ndawonye (feat. Le Sax, Mhaw Keys, Starr Healer, and Bassie)
  4. Emuva (with Starr Healer feat. Murumba Pitch and T Man SA)
  5. Imizwa (with Nkosazana Daughter, Le Sax feat. Mlindo The Vocalist, Sykes, and Omhle Diya)
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