Mp3 : Laud & Stanky DeeJay – Up To No Good

Laud & Stanky DeeJay – Up To No Good
New Songs : Laud & Stanky DeeJay Up To No Good  Download Mp3

In the dynamic world of South African music, the collaboration between talented hitmaker Laud and Stanky Deejay has birthed a new project titled “Up To No Good.” This EP, comprising seven tracks, is a testament to their creative synergy and a perfect soundtrack for those looking to let loose and enjoy the pure essence of music.

Laud & Stanky DeeJay

Laud has been on a roll, captivating audiences with his musical prowess. Last year alone, he treated fans to a trio of projects, starting with the album “REARABETSWE” in January, followed by the impressive “Book of Numbers,” and the subsequent release of “Book of Numbers II.” Each entry garnered acclaim from fans and critics alike, solidifying Laud’s reputation as a hitmaker with a knack for delivering quality music.

Now, Laud has joined forces with Stanky Deejay to bring us the “Up To No Good” EP. The collaboration is a musical journey, spanning seven tracks that showcase their versatility and ability to craft captivating sounds. The project features notable contributions from artists such as Rome, Kammu Dee, DJ Jaivane, and more, adding layers of diversity to an already rich tapestry of beats and melodies.

Up To No Good

The EP takes listeners on a sonic journey, with each track offering a unique blend of rhythm and melody. From the pulsating energy of “Hope” to the infectious grooves of “Thela Rekere” and the emotive vibes of “Why You Angry,” the collaboration between Laud and Stanky Deejay is a testament to their ability to push creative boundaries.


Listeners are encouraged to check out the “Up To No Good” EP and add these tracks to their playlists. It’s a musical experience that transcends genres, making it suitable for various moods and occasions. As the beats reverberate through the airwaves, Laud and Stanky Deejay’s latest project is poised to become a favorite among music enthusiasts seeking fresh and exciting sounds.


Track Number Duration Title
1 8:49 Hope
2 8:05 70
3 8:05 73
4 7:00 Thela Rekere
5 7:05 Why You Angry
6 8:05 50
7 8:05 12
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