Mp3 : Matollgate – Dear Ex yami Ft. Onezwa & Imeya kazwelonke

Matollgate – Dear Ex yami
New Song : Matollgate Dear Ex yami Download Mp3

In the world of music, songs can express deep feelings that everyone can understand, no matter where they’re from. Matollgate’s new song, “Dear Ex Yami,” is a perfect example of this. It takes you on a journey through love, heartbreak, and finding yourself.


Matollgate, Onezwa, and Imeya Kazwelonke worked together to make this song special. Each of them adds something unique to it, making it a song that everyone can relate to. Whether it’s Onezwa’s emotional singing or the beautiful music made by Matollgate and Imeya Kazwelonke, every part of “Dear Ex Yami” fits together perfectly.

Dear Ex yami

“Dear Ex Yami” talks about how tough it can be when relationships end. But it also shows how people can become stronger by letting go and moving on. The music and words in the song make you think about your own experiences and help you feel better.


In the end, “Dear Ex Yami” is more than just a song. It’s like a light in the darkness, showing us that even after heartbreak, there’s still beauty and strength within us. So as we listen to this song and think about its message, we’re reminded that love might fade, but we can always find strength to keep going.

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