Mp3 : Mjikjeli – Umona Album

Mjikjeli – Umona Album
New Song : Mjikjeli Umona Album Download Mp3

In the vibrant world of Maskandi music, where tradition meets modernity, Mjikjeli stands out as a luminary. The popular Maskandi musician has once again graced the music scene with a brand new album that is sure to captivate fans old and new. Titled “Umona,” this latest musical offering follows the success of Mjikjeli’s previous album, “Induku Enjena,” released just last year in October.


Now, Mjikjeli has returned to the spotlight with “Umona,” a new album that promises to build upon the success of its predecessor. The album once again features 15 tracks, each crafted with the precision and passion that fans have come to expect from the talented musician. What makes “Umona” stand out is the collaborative effort that went into its creation.

Umona Album

The album boasts contributions from Qhakaza, Mjolisi, and Malebuli, adding unique flavors to Mjikjeli’s signature sound. The synergy among these artists is palpable, creating a musical tapestry that is both dynamic and captivating. Each track is a testament to the collective talent involved in the project, and fans can expect an immersive listening experience from start to finish.


For those eager to experience the magic of “Umona,” the album is a must-add to your playlist this weekend. The diverse range of tracks ensures that there’s something for everyone, whether you’re a longtime fan of Mjikjeli or a newcomer exploring the world of Maskandi. The album not only reaffirms Mjikjeli’s place in the forefront of the genre but also sets the stage for the continued evolution of Maskandi music.


No. Song Title Featured Artist(s)
1 Akutatazelwa
2 Sihlale Sikhala Qhakaza
3 Umona (Song)
4 Iniphu
5 Ukuba Selfish Mjolisi
6 Ukuthi Niphethe
7 Ngemali
8 Kanti Calalini
9 Sicela Uxolo
10 Ngifuna Wena Malebuli
11 Udume Ngakini
12 Awomtshela
13 Kuyoshimizi
14 Ngangingazi
15 Izinyembezi
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