Mp3 : Mlambos Express Band – UNGAPHELI AMANDLA (never give up) Album

Mlambos Express Band – UNGAPHELI AMANDLA (never give up) Album
New Song : Mlambos Express Band UNGAPHELI AMANDLA Download Mp3

Lee Chang’s latest track, “Yo Phone Linging (Your Phone Is Lingin Remix),” is taking the internet by storm with its infectious humor and catchy beats. The song, available on platforms like YouTube, Apple Music, and Amazon Music, showcases Lee Chang’s distinctive style, resonating with a wide audience.

Mlambos Express Band

The track’s charm lies in its lighthearted and relatable lyrics, offering a humorous take on the ubiquitous experience of incessantly ringing phones in our connected world. Its brevity, clocking in at just one minute, makes it a perfect fit for social media sharing and short-form content platforms, contributing to its rapid spread as a viral sensation.


In a separate musical endeavor, The Mlambos Express Band has achieved a significant milestone with the release of their latest album, “UNGAPHELI AMANDLA (Never Give Up),” on December 9, 2023. This collection of songs reflects themes of perseverance, hope, and the indomitable spirit of the human condition.


From “EMANUELLE” to “IZINYANE LOLAHLEKO,” the album seamlessly blends traditional rhythms with contemporary beats, showcasing the band’s commitment to exploring diverse musical expressions while staying true to their roots. The release marks a significant step forward in The Mlambos Express Band’s musical journey, captivating listeners with their exploration of various facets of musical creativity.

1 Emanuelle 12:40
2 Sqoqodo 11:26
3 Mntakagogo 13:44
4 Isandla Sedlula Ikhanda 9:47
5 Babakazi 11:19
6 Simayedwa 9:32
7 Izinyane Lolahleko 10:35

Lee Chang’s Funny Remix – Yo Phone Linging

Mp3 : Lee Chang’s Funny Remix – Yo Phone Linging (Your Phone Is Lingin Remix)

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