Mp3 : Moreki Music & King Monada – Founung ft. Mack Eaze

Moreki Music & King Monada – Founung
New Song : Moreki Music & King Monada Founung Download Mp3

Moreki Music is a record label and entertainment company based in South Africa. The label has gained recognition for its role in promoting and producing music, particularly in genres such as Amapiano and Afrobeat, which have become incredibly popular both nationally and internationally. Moreki Music is dedicated to nurturing talent and helping emerging artists find their footing in the music industry.

The label has played a pivotal role in the career of King Monada, one of its notable artists, and has been instrumental in supporting his creative endeavors. Moreki Music’s commitment to fostering talent and promoting the vibrant South African music culture has contributed to its success in the industry.

King Monada

King Monada, whose real name is Khutso Steven Kgatle, is a highly influential South African musician, singer, and songwriter. He hails from the Limpopo province of South Africa, and his music often reflects his cultural heritage and personal experiences. King Monada’s distinctive style blends elements of Afrobeat, House music, and Amapiano, creating a unique sound that has garnered a massive following.

Some of his most famous tracks include “Malwedhe” and “Ska Bhora Moreki,” which have not only dominated the South African charts but have also gained international recognition. “Malwedhe,” in particular, became a viral sensation thanks to the “falling dance” challenge associated with the song.


Founung beat produced by Mack Eaze is undeniably infectious, making it impossible not to move to the rhythm. The combination of his production skills and King Monada’s distinct vocals makes “Founung” a potential chart-topper and dancefloor anthem.King Monada’s music has always been a reflection of his cultural roots and personal experiences, and “Founung” is no exception.


Moreki Music and King Monada are integral parts of the South African music scene, with Moreki Music providing a platform for emerging talents and King Monada standing out as one of the most prominent and influential artists in the country. Their collaboration has resulted in the creation of captivating and culturally resonant music that continues to captivate audiences both in South Africa and around the world.


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