Mp3 : J&S Projects, Small Keys & Czwe De Ancestral – Izono Zam ft Thatohatsi, Mphoet & Nelo

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New Song : J&S Projects, Small Keys & Czwe De Ancestral Download Mp3

The dynamic landscape of the piano music scene continues to evolve, and at the forefront of this transformative journey are the renowned hitmakers, J&S Projects. Building on their impressive track record from the past year, the duo has once again captured the essence of their musical prowess with a captivating collaboration. This time, they have joined forces with Small Keys & Czwe De Ancestral to present the mesmerizing masterpiece, “Izono Zam,” featuring the incredible contributions from Thatohatsi, Mphoet, and Nelo.

 J&S Projects

J&S Projects have been consistent in delivering musical gems that resonate with audiences across the globe. Following the success of their previous release, “Isela,” in collaboration with Mmata Magic, Sammy East, and Siphe Magoda, the duo has proven time and again that they are not just hitmakers but architects of sonic experiences.

Izono Zam

“Izono Zam” is a testament to the collaborative spirit within the piano scene. Small Keys & Czwe De Ancestral bring their unique styles to the table, complementing the signature sound of J&S Projects. The result is a harmonious blend of melodies that showcase the individual strengths of each artist involved. From the soulful contributions of Thatohatsi to the rhythmic finesse of Mphoet and the enchanting vibes from Nelo, the track unfolds as a tapestry of musical brilliance.


For those who have been eagerly anticipating new releases from J&S Projects or are looking to discover fresh and exciting piano music, “Izono Zam” is a must-listen. The track is available for streaming and download, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in the magical world created by these exceptional artists.

Skroef28 – Young Man 2

Mp3 : Skroef28 – Young Man 2

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