Mp3 : Musical Jazz – Days Before Nkabi EP

Musical Jazz – Days Before Nkabi EP
New Song : Musical Jazz Days Before Nkabi EP Download Mp3

Musical Jazz, a prominent figure in the Amapiano genre, has graced the music scene with a fresh project titled “Days Before Nkabi.” This EP, consisting of five vibrant tracks, serves as a remarkable tribute to the ever-evolving Amapiano landscape.

Musical Jazz

The opening track, ‘2K24’, is a delightful collaboration with Boips, blending unique beats and rhythms that mesmerize the audience. Following it, ‘DISCO 113’ showcases Musical Jazz’s adaptability, resonating with both fans and music aficionados. ‘iGedlela!’, produced in collaboration with C-kay De Djy & Djy TT, exudes vibrant energy, capturing attention effortlessly.

Days Before Nkabi EP

Recent online discussions have praised Musical Jazz’s latest work, commending the unique mixing and exceptional lyricism that elevate the standards of the Amapiano genre.


The fourth track, ‘Nkabi VOX,’ featuring Dj Njabsta, Djy TT, and Mordecai, stands out for its infectious rhythm, while ‘Phuza Amanzi (Nkabi 6)’ concludes the EP with its exuberant melody.


# Title Artist Duration Status
1 2K24 Musical Jazz & Boips 6:12 Released
2 DISCO 113 Musical Jazz 6:04 Released
3 iGedlela! Musical Jazz, C-kay De Djy & Djy TT 7:59 Released
4 Nkabi VOX Musical Jazz, Dj Njabsta, Djy TT & Mordecai 7:13 Released
5 Phuza Amanzi (Nkabi 6) Musical Jazz 5:45 Released
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