Mp3 : Nasty C – This Time ft. Ami Faku

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“This Time” is a track that masterfully combines Nasty C’s sharp and distinctive rap verses with Ami Faku’s deep, emotive vocals. The result is a musical masterpiece that transcends genres and expectations. The blend of Nasty C’s rap prowess and Ami Faku’s soulful delivery creates a harmonious contrast that captures the essence of the song’s themes.

Nasty C

South African rap sensation, Nasty C, has long been celebrated for his fearless approach to music and his willingness to push the boundaries of his sound. His latest release, “This Time,” featuring the soulful songstress Ami Faku, is yet another testament to his artistic evolution. In this article, we explore this captivating collaboration and its profound impact on the music scene.

This Time

At its core, “This Time” delves into themes that resonate deeply with listeners from all walks of life. Love, resilience, and hope are explored with raw authenticity. Nasty C’s lyrics provide a glimpse into the complexities of relationships, while Ami Faku’s powerful vocals infuse the track with emotion and depth. Together, they craft a narrative that speaks to the human experience, offering solace and connection to those who listen.


Nasty C and Ami Faku’s collaboration on “This Time” is a musical triumph that transcends genres and expectations. It explores themes of love, resilience, and hope with authenticity and emotion, resonating deeply with listeners. Early indications point to the track becoming a massive hit, further solidifying Nasty C’s status as a South African music sensation.


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