Mp3 : Nathaniel Oruma – New Dimension

Nathaniel Oruma – New Dimension
New Song : Nathaniel Oruma New Dimension Download Mp3

In the rich tapestry of Nigeria’s musical heritage, Urhobo highlife has carved its own distinct niche, and at the forefront of this genre was the iconic Prince Dr. Nathaniel Oruma. His timeless contribution to Urhobo music is exemplified in the resonant notes of his masterpiece, “New Dimension,” a track that transcends eras and genres, now available as an audio file from the album “New Dimension Volume 1,” courtesy of Naty Ruma Venture Records.

Nathaniel Oruma

Prince Nathaniel Oruma, affectionately known as the Go-Slow Di crooner, was a revered figure in the Oria-Abraka Delta, a maestro of Urhobo music, and a prolific songwriter. His musical journey spanned over two decades, marked by the release of more than 20 albums, each carrying the unmistakable essence of Urhobo highlife. His influence on the genre was immense, leaving an indelible mark that resonated with fans far and wide.

New Dimension

Released as the latest entry this year, “New Dimension” is a testament to the enduring legacy of Prince Nathaniel Oruma. Though he left this world in January 2018, his music lives on, providing a timeless soundtrack to the lives of those who cherish the beauty of Urhobo highlife. This track, with its infectious beats and soul-stirring lyrics, serves as a reminder of the immense talent that defined Prince Nathaniel Oruma’s musical career.


This newly available audio file is not just a piece of music; it’s a tribute to a maestro who, through his artistry, brought a ‘New Dimension’ to Urhobo highlife, leaving an everlasting imprint on the musical landscape. Whether you are a longtime fan or a newcomer to the world of Urhobo highlife, this exceptional composition is a must-have addition to your music collection.

Download Mp3 : Nathaniel Oruma – New Dimension

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