Mp3 : Xolly Mncwango – Ngiyamazi umhlengi wami

Xolly Mncwango – Ngiyamazi umhlengi wami
New Song : Xolly Mncwango Ngiyamazi umhlengi wami Download Mp3

Translated from Zulu, “Ngiyamazi Umhlengi Wami” means “I know my Redeemer.” The song’s title itself is a profound statement of faith and trust in a higher power. It sets the tone for a song that is deeply rooted in spirituality and personal conviction.

 Xolly Mncwango

Before delving into the heart of the song, let’s take a moment to get to know Xolly Mncwango, an artist who has been steadily climbing the ranks of the gospel music scene. Born in the Eastern Cape of South Africa, Xolly has been a prominent figure in the South African gospel music scene for a while. Her voice is not just a source of beautiful melodies but also a vessel for spiritual messages that resonate with people from all walks of life. Her previous albums, “Inxaniwe” and “Jesus Payer Ya,” have established her as a force to be reckoned with in the gospel industry, and “Ngiyamazi Umhlengi Wami” serves as an extension of her spiritual journey.

Ngiyamazi umhlengi wami

The song’s lyrics are a heartfelt declaration of faith, hope, and trust in God. Xolly Mncwango’s powerful and emotive voice carries the weight of the lyrics, making the listener feel every word on a profound level. As she sings about knowing her Redeemer, she draws listeners into a spiritual realm where the challenges and trials of life can be met with unwavering faith.


The backing choir adds depth and richness to the song, creating a powerful and uplifting atmosphere. From start to finish, “Ngiyamazi Umhlengi Wami” is an emotional journey that touches the soul and leaves a lasting impression.

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