Mp3 : Nthabi Sings – Thandaza ft. Ntate Stunna & 2Point1

Nthabi Sings – Thandaza
New Song : Nthabi Sings Thandaza Download Mp3

As the curtain draws on another spectacular year for the Piano scene, Nthabi Sings emerges as a shining star, contributing to the musical tapestry that has adorned the airwaves throughout the year. With a weekend that witnessed a cascade of new releases, the talented Nthabi Sings stands out with her latest offering, the captivating “Thandaza,” featuring the dynamic contributions of Ntate Stunna and 2Point1.

Nthabi Sings

Nthabi Sings, no stranger to collaboration, has previously joined forces with Ntate Stunna, unleashing the hit track “Chelete,” a musical journey that featured the lyrical prowess of Emtee and the soulful vocals of Lizwi Wokuqala. Additionally, her collaboration with Ntate Stunna in “Stimela” by 2Point1 not only showcased her versatility but also garnered attention with the release of an official music video, further emphasizing the visual and auditory allure of her work.


Now, Nthabi Sings returns to the forefront with “Thandaza,” a spellbinding composition that seamlessly weaves together the distinctive voices of Ntate Stunna and 2Point1. The collaborative effort between these artists yields a musical masterpiece that captivates from the first note to the last. The song not only showcases Nthabi Sings’ vocal prowess but also highlights the symbiotic energy created by the trio.


Listeners are invited to experience the magic of “Thandaza” by immersing themselves in the auditory journey crafted by Nthabi Sings, Ntate Stunna, and 2Point1. The song, a testament to their collective talent and chemistry, beckons to be added to the playlists of music enthusiasts looking to elevate their weekend with a melodic blend of sounds.

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