Mp3 : Nue_Sam – Nokhanyisa Album

Nue_Sam – Nokhanyisa Album
New Song : Nue_Sam Nokhanyisa Album Download Mp3

In the realm of anticipation and musical excitement, Nue Sam’s forthcoming album, “Nokhanyisa,” stands as a beacon ready to illuminate the music scene. This highly awaited collection of tracks promises not only a rich auditory experience but also a glimpse into the artistic evolution of Nue Sam.


Nue Sam is a South African musician and artist,Nue Sam is recognized for his unique musical style that blends traditional sounds with contemporary elements, creating a distinctive and captivating sound. His work often reflects a celebration of cultural diversity, and he collaborates with various talented artists to enrich the depth of his music.

One of the notable projects associated with Nue Sam is his much-anticipated album, “Nokhanyisa.” The album features a range of tracks that showcase his growth as an artist and his ability to evoke different emotions through music. Collaborations with artists such as Zamani Mzobe, Fistola Inecut, Kush Mahleka, Yallunder, Ntunja, and Just Bheki contribute to the diverse and vibrant nature of the album.

Nokhanyisa Album

Nue Sam has been tantalizing fans with glimpses of the album through snippets and previews on various social media platforms. This strategic marketing approach has successfully built anticipation for the album’s official release, leaving fans eager to immerse themselves in the full sonic experience that “Nokhanyisa” promises to deliver.


The album promises a harmonious blend of soulful melodies, thought-provoking lyrics, and rhythms that resonate with the depths of the human heart. Whether a dedicated fan or a newcomer to Nue Sam’s musical world, listeners can expect an immersive experience that goes beyond the ordinary.


1 Cellular (feat. Zamani Mzobe) 2:54
2 Lufana Nolwandle 3:09
3 Ulala Ephenduka 3:51
4 Bhabhayi (feat. Fistola Inecut) 3:49
5 Ngifuna Lo (feat. Kush Mahleka) 3:39
6 Izimpi (feat. Yallunder) 3:18
7 Ungiphatha Kahle (feat. Ntunja) 3:33
8 Nje (feat. Just Bheki) 3:42
9 Sukela Kudala 3:14
10 Ngasho 3:25
11 Nguwe (Outro) 4:14
12 Amadoda (Bonus Track) 3:28
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